Simply put, because you'll be able to do more with your web presence, for less.

The Fission Web System is powerful and easy to use, giving you tools that save time and money.

No prior knowledge of web design is necessary to take advantage of Fission Web software.  You don't have to worry about coding, hosting, servers, FTP or any of that technical stuff. Fission takes care of the details, so you can concentrate on your business.

Check out all the advantages the Fission Web System has to offer.


It's Search Engine Friendly

Friendly is probably too light a word... The Fission CMS has been built from the ground up with SEO in mind. Manage everything from meta keywords to page titles on a page by page basis while XML sitemaps are automatically generated to feed populate search engines like Google, what they need the most to properly index your site.

It's Web-based Software

All of Fission's products are web-based which means that you never have to worry about installing software or running upgrades on your home or office computer. You can edit your content, create pages, schedule news articles, or update your event calendar from any computer with internet access at any time.

The Designer Advantage

The Fission Web System has few limitations when it comes to custom website design. Already have a design? Send Fission your idea to be cut it into the Fission Web System for you. Need a design? Fission's professional graphic design team can meet all your specifications from simple sites to full custom design. Already know your way around HTML? Build your own template right in the System!

Includes Friendly Person-to-Person Support

All of your support inquiries are answered by the team of web professionals who developed the Fission framework.  No complicated phone support trees and no long waits for response.

Professional Programming

Let Fission handle the technical stuff. With the Fission Web System, you don't need any HTML or CSS experience. Send Fission your design, it will be cut to a w3c compliant, cross-browser compatible XHTML template for you, and you'll have full control of your site in no time.

Cost-Effective Development

The Fission Web System is built on a rapid application development platform.  This may mean nothing to you now, but in the future when you decide to take your website to the next level, it most certainly will.  Upgrade your site with custom functionality quickly and more cost effectively on the Fission Web System.

Secure, Speedy Hosting

All Fission websites include efficient data maintenance and secure hosting at Fission's business-class data center.

You'll Get Free Upgrades

When you're on the Fission Web System, you'll get free system enhancement for life. Fission programmers update the systems capabilities constantly.  You can take advantage of many new features and functionality with NO additional cost.