Your data is too valuable to be stored anywhere else.

All Fission websites are hosted within a secure Level 3 (L3) bunkered datacenter. This facility is protected by magnetic-stripe card access, privately accessible locked by padlock and monitored by the local police with a 24/7 security system.

Access to the internet is ensured by an underground SONET ("self-healing") ring, so that if there is a termination or break in one line, the other will still be available to deliver your website to internet.

A diesel generator with a 48-hour fuel capacity (constantly filled during outages) stands 2 stories tall and attaches directly to the building, maintaining uninterrupted power for servers and building security alike. The generator is tested weekly to be sure that equipment is running as it should.

Under the unlikely event of a fire, non-liquid fire suppression system will contain and eliminate the fire without damaging any equipment.

Sophisticated monitoring software ensures bandwidth, uptime and network activity are logged and communicated. Warnings and alerts are delivered to our engineering staff, by various methods, in any circumstance that our equipment becomes in need of service.


Dedicated Servers

Every Fission website has dedicated or shared bandwidth to facilitate multiple DS3 lines (T3 45 Megabit/sec).

Temperature-Controlled Facility

The facility temperature is controlled by a 30 sq. foot air cooling system. The temperature never exceeds or falls below the required optimal operational conditions for the equipment housed in the facility.

Battery Backup

Each server is connected to a battery backup that provides an uninterrupted power supply during the short conversion from the main power grid to the longer term generator power.

Co-Location Capability

Mount your own dedicated servers, backup systems, and internal VPN (virtual private networking) servers to connect at work, at home, or both.