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Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.
I had heard rave reviews about Fission Web System through some of my friends who work at Hospice and all of the much larger non-profits that you work with, they would rave about "If I need to make a change to the website all I have to do is go into this and it's done.
How do you think your new site will appeal to potential visitors and why?

A lot of people like the website. It's very clean. It's much better than the site that we had before. It's easier to read for me. We're trying to build a much more professional organization and this website is allowing us to do that.

How do you think your new site will be effective?

I think it's effective for giving what people need. If you wanted to know really quick what Heart of the City does, our products and services, that's exactly what it gives you.

How do you think the functionality of the site is? How do you think it works? Is it easy to use?

It's easy to navigate. It's almost idiot proof. You click here, you get the thing you want. You click to this, you get a link. I really like the fact that no matter what tab you go on, it keeps the same headings from the home page. I didn't ask for it, but they [Fission] did it. I really like that.

Did you have a lot of input into what your site was actually going to look like?

I did have a lot of input. They [Fission web experts] asked, they wanted my opinion, my thoughts. They wanted to know what I wanted it to eventually look like, and I gave them everything that I could.

So how do you think the site has helped your business?

Right now, I would say it's been helping the higher functioning people of my business like the board, the people that they refer to the website, our funders, a lot of the community partners. We always say go back to our website if you're looking for this, if you're looking for that.

As far as the residents that we serve, right now we just need to change a few things on our end, but that's not anything on your part. A lot of our residents speak Spanish so we might need to change some things like that, but that's probably next year when we have a little more money in the budget.

How do you think visitors or customers that visit your site will respond or how have they been responding to your new site?

So far very positively. To be honest with you, I think there are only two housing agencies in the city of Buffalo that have a website, ours and Homefront. Obviously Homefront has the largest operating budget, so they have commercials and so on and so forth. We're the only other ones, so I think it will do well. You rarely find a non-profit this size that has a fully functional website, so it really puts us out there as being a professional organization.

Can you tell me what you were looking for and what directed you to Fission?

I was looking for a more professional website. What we had before was someone who kind of threw something together without any input from myself, the board, or anything. It was a content management setup, and they never managed anything. So it was setup and that was it. If I changed something, it was like I fooled around with the thing and figured it out. It really wasn't helpful. It wasn't helping us with our brand.

I had heard rave reviews about the Fission Web System through some of my friends who work at Hospice and all of the much larger non-profits that you work with, they would rave about "If I need to make a change to the website all I have to do is go into this and it's done."

I like the fact that this is what you did for a living. Because a lot of people who work with non-profits are people who have a regular daytime job, and they just do this on the side. So you can't have that much accountability with them because this is a side job for them and this is one of the reasons that I wanted to work with the Fission web experts.

What did you think of the overall experience of working with Fission? Was it a positive experience?

It was definitely a positive experience. I have been recommending you [Fission] to other people. Brian came out to do a talk with my group, the United Way Executive Agency Group, so I've been recommending you guys every time. I really like the hands on approach. You didn't make me feel like this really small non-profit. You made me feel like the rest of your other clients. I really like that.

Stephanie Simeon
Executive Director
Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.

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"I trust the Fission Web System, number one. The Fission web products and pricing are right on target for small business. I think the concept and the work that the Fission web experts do is affordable."
John Chmarney
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