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Premier Machining Technologies
The Fission Web System allowed us to be in control over the entire process as to the contents and design with great direction from a very skilled staff.
What do you think about the look of your new site? Is it what you were hoping for?

We were very pleased with the final outcome of our website.

How do you think your site will appeal to potential visitors? Why?

We have already received many comments on the site.

How do you think your new site will be effective?

The website shows everything about our facility which gives potential new customers an actual look of the products we are able to produce as well as a view of some of the machines and equipment and capabilities we have to offer them.

How do you think the site works? Is it easy to use?

The website is easy to use and flows which allows the viewer to see many aspects with the flash pictures.

Has the site helped your business?

We have been able to direct quite a few potential new customers to our new website for them to get a complete overview of what we offer and our capabilities.

Unfortunately the launch of the site came as the economy was taking a downturn and there has not been much promotion from other companies which would in turn have them looking at us or any other vendors at this particular time.

How do you think visitors or customers will respond to your new site?

We have had many comments expressed to us from companies who have visited the site and were very impressed with it and its contents.

What was the process like working with the Fission Web System to build and design your site? Was it a positive experience?

Our experience with the Fission Web System was exceptional. The Fission web experts were very knowledgeable and allowed us to control what we wanted on our website however offered many suggestions as to what may work better and promote our business to its fullest potential.

Do you think you ha a good amount of input in the design of your site?

Fission web experts allowed us to be in control over the entire process as to the contents and design with great direction from a very skilled staff.

Can you tell me what you were looking for and what directed you to the Fission?

We needed to align with technology in order for customers to view us and a website is the easiest and most desirable way to get this accomplished. We were referred to Fission by another company in the area that used your services as well.

What do you think of the experience of working with Fission? Was it a positive experience? 

We were well satisfied with everything the Fission Web System to offer - there was never any pressure from any of the Fission web experts, only patience and knowledge as they led us through the development of our website.

Is there anything else you'd like to add about your new site or the Fission Web System?

I think moving forward there may be different aspects we may inquire with Fission engineers to the possibility of adding as we grow.

If there was one thing in the entire process that you could go back and change, what would it be?

We wish we would have contacted the Fission web experts sooner before the economy changed.

Bill Belcher
Premier Machining Technologies