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Small Is Big Network
I trust the Fission Web System, number one. The Fission web products and pricing are right on target for small business. I think the concept and the work that the Fission web experts do is affordable.

What do you think about the look of your new site? Is it what you were looking for?

It's definitely what I expected. It's only a five page site, so I didn't expect any more. I didn't get any Flash, I didn't get any motion, so what I got was a very good version of what I expected.

How do you think your site will appeal to potential visitors?

I think the content is just what I wanted. The number of pages works well. The contact us portion and the email responses should be a good communication vehicle. So that really what I was expecting most out of it.

How do you think your new site will be effective?

It communicates what my company is about.

Did you have a lot of input into what your site would actually look like?

Yes. I think the website design process was all about me and what I was looking for, so I think that went really well. I can't say anything except that the design, I feel, is what I was communicating to your [Fission's] design people.

Do you think that your site has helped your business?

It's still hard to say because I haven't really kicked in the marketing that I need to do to drive people to the site. So I've had a couple of inquiries but that's not surprising. I'm looking at the first of January. I'm really getting some business associates of mine to give me some feedback on the content. Right now it looks like I don't need any redesign, so I have to start some marketing to drive traffic in.

When that traffic starts coming in, how do you think customers will respond to this new design?

Well, I hope very well. With all the work we did, I'm confident, especially for example with the expo page that I did. I think that will get some people inquiring and looking for some proposals.

What was the process like working with the Fission Web System to build and design your site? Do you think it was a positive experience?

I think it was thorough. For someone like me who had never designed a site, I think your designers were patient and asked the kind of basic questions that needed to be asked to guide me through the process.

Before you started the process, what were you looking for and what directed you to Fission?

I think your contacts through the Amherst Chamber of Commerce is how I got to know Joel. Your presence at my expo last year, I think that expo elevated my impression of Fission as a credible company. I didn't know anything about you before, and I think that relationship build was important.

What were some of the things that you were looking for when you decided to build a website?

It was purely a way to have an electronic presence that people could refer to or that I could refer people to as I did my network marketing. It was purely informational, like a five page electronic flyer.

Would you recommend the Fission Web System to other people or businesses? And why?

Yes, because I trust the Fission Web System, number one.  The Fission web products and pricing are right on target for small business. I think the concept and the work that the Fission web experts do is affordable. ...I think that those are the things that make me say, "Yeah, give them a call."

John Chmarney
Small Is Big Network