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Mount Mercy Academy

Mount Mercy Academy has shaped the education and growth of their students since 1904! "Mercy Girls Succeed" is an excellent lead into their custom Fission CMS website, showcasing just how much this institution has and will do for its students!

About the Project

Mount Mercy Academy, in Buffalo, NY, is committed to the character, learning, and growth of every student. They seek to transform young women from bright-eyed adolescents into reflective and courageous young adults who pursue with vigor and optimism the opportunities that life offers. Every student has the opportunity and obligation to assume leadership roles to prepare them for success. 

Mount Mercy Academy's custom Fission CMS website showcases just how much this institution has and will do for its students. Visitors can learn more about the academy and its programs, keep up with news and events, schedule a visit through an online contact form, and access the academy portal which provides an interface for teachers, parents and students to communicate.

What our clients have to say

"I had heard rave reviews about Fission Web System through some of my friends who work at Hospice and all of the much larger non-profits that you work with, they would rave about "If I need to make a change to the website all I have to do is go into this and it's done."
Stephanie Simeon
Executive Director

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