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Dave's Christmas Store: A Christmas Brand Story

Christmas Central

Christmas Central


Christmas Central
Dave's Christmas Store, www.christmascentral.com, needed a website to give them a prominent online presence with the ability to provide customers nationwide with a large selection of home d├ęcor accents and Christmas-themed products year round.

They had an existing website but lacked the dynamic site design and functionality to reach and sell to a variety of customers around the country.

With a full site redesign integrated with the Fission Web System, which is tooled for search engine optimization, Christmas Central's website became more accessible to visitors and made the jump from the 11th page of search results to the first page on Google for the 2008 Christmas season. 


Before transitioning to the Fission Web System, Christmas Central's website was first found on the 11th page of search engine results for the majority of their keywords; that is over 100 sites deep. In their competitive market Christmas Central was not being found by potential customers who were likely searching for products that they sold.


Christmas Central's website had existed for approximately 2 years with few updates, which was not good for search engine optimization. The site design was stale; the content needed to be refreshed; they needed to improve search engine optimization; and most importantly, they needed to make their products more visible to more customers.


The focus for Christmas Central was to create a more visible web presence by ranking higher in search engine results for their Christmas products.  

Fission web experts analyzed Christmas Central's existing site to target areas that needed improvement including content and a website redesign to make them more visible.

Search engine optimization analysis was provided to target all problem areas and determine keyword density for major landing pages so Christmas Central's brand awareness and online visibility could be improved.


Christmas Central's updated website design was integrated into the Fission Web System, giving them the ability to create and update content pages, edit images, manage their news component and blog, and gave them full control of menu items with the Fission CMS. The powerful Fission CMS makes it easy for Christmas Central administrators to quickly create and edit landing pages for their products.


Fission's search engine optimization experts generated reports to target weak content areas on Christmas Central's site. Christmas Central's web content was massaged until keyword density was balanced to allow for increased visibility on the web. 


Fission's work resulted in increased visibility for Christmas Central in time for the Christmas 2008 season.  Christmas Central ranked in the top 15 search engine results for over 10 keywords and phrases targeted in their basic SEO campaign including a first page spot for the key phrase "artificial Christmas trees."

Most importantly, Christmas Central is found by more customers across the country who search for Christmas products in a highly competitive market because of the Fission Web System's powerful SEO tools.


Operating on the Fission Web System, Christmas Central has the potential to reach the top of search engines by staying on top of search engine optimization practices and keeping their site updated with the Fission CMS.  But SEO is not a one-time repair.  Luckily with the Fission Web System, Christmas Central is able to refresh their content and retool SEO factors to stay competitive in their market.


The Fission Web System provides Christmas Central with the framework for creating a powerful website with unlimited growth potential.  As their business flourishes, Christmas Central's site can evolve with custom add-ons and dynamic components to keep up with consumer demand.  

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