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Pharmacology Weekly
I think that the Fission Web System allows me and the people that are working with me to efficiently coordinate and manage the day to day business components of the company.
How has the Fission Web System made your business more manageable?

The Fission Web System is so user friendly and makes sense and it really takes no time at all to make a functional active account for someone to begin receiving subscriptions. Having that flexibility of being able to easily create an account is a very good thing and the Fission Web System works very well for that.

One of the primary benefits and values to the Fission Web System to me is the degree of automation and the power behind it; being able to manage the account and send out the newsletters all in an automated all in a sort of self managing functionality that frees me up to focus more on the other important aspects of the company which is the actual product, and it's content. So I think that the Fission Web System allows me and the people that are working with me to efficiently coordinate and manage the day to day business components of the company.

How was the process of working with someone out of state on this project?

I think that one of the nice things that you guys have done is the online webinar [Yugma] thing that we did, where the Fission support team kind of walked me through how things work; that made it much easier.

Now, as we've added these programming things, I've been amazed at what the Fission Web System can functionally do and can be customized to do. I mean it can pretty much do most of anything. That's probably been the thing that's been most impressive to me, as I sit there and go ‘wow.'

I would say that a good portion of my company and the website is self managing. It will create an automatic renewal. It will allow people to subscribe without having to call me. We've got every payment method. That kind of power frees me up, especially at a small company, we're brand new, very little infrastructure, so we're in the baby steps of growing, this [Fission Web System] is very powerful for helping us to expend our energy and time on other things that would maybe help us start to expand our business instead of being stuck solely behind a computer scanning credit cards.

What were you looking for in a website and what directed you to Fission?

It was actually through the designer; originally when I worked with (a design company), because I knew that they do basic webpage design in addition to other marketing design and products, so I went to them first from a referral. When I met with them to explain what kind of functionality I was seeking, that self-managing component, the system running itself and managing itself, she is the one who put us in contact with a Fission representative. We started out meeting with them, and immediately it was like ‘whoa' this is the type of self management and customized programming that we were wanting.

How was the experience of working with the Fission web experts? Was it a positive experience?

The Fission web experts have been great at being able to hear one the last minute needs and making it feasible and you made it important, and I'm really appreciative of that.

It has still been an overall positive experience and I'm excited about what has been created, where we're at, the functionality. It's powerful. It's awesome. It's a golden machine.

How does the Fission Web System benefit your customers?

It helps customers to be largely in control of their account and the products and services and how they use it. The Fission Web System allows them to log into the website, get access to the newsletters when they need them, anytime they need them. It's going to allow them to manage their own account settings.

To me, it automates it for them, and allows them to be a little bit more in the driver's seat for their own account instead of having to call us and need us to take care of them every day when they need something. To me, I think it makes it user friendly. To renew, to checkout, to get what they need. It think it really gives them the immediate access that they need. We are working on a few things to enhance that, but I think the Fission Web System facilitates them being in the driver's seat instead of having to email and bother other people to get something done.

Do you have anything to add about your website or the Fission Web System?

I'm excited about where we're going, and I appreciate the attention the Fission web developers have given the site and to me. It means a lot. I greatly appreciate it especially at this critical juncture. I have just really appreciated Fission engineers taking in a few of these last minute changes and making them priority. That's very valuable.

Anthony Busti
Pharmacology Weekly