Fission Donate

Easy Online Donations

The Fission Donate Premium Add-On Component is a simple way for your non-profit to transition to a convenient, paperless donation system online, allowing your viewers to give support with minimal fuss.

Tie all of your marketing endeavors to a single spot online that your supporters can return to easily. No risk that your paper requests are put to the side, left out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

Live Online Donation Example


Benefits To Your Organization

  • Gain an edge over other organizations in acquiring limited funds
  • The ability to store and download donor information for later use.
  • Potential to improve your donor-organization relationship and increase donor loyalty.

Benefits To Your Donors

  • Donors may choose to remain anonymous.
  • Simple, single-page design allows the entire transaction to occur in one place.
  • Donors may opt-in to email subscriptions and login to view their donation history.